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About CGM !!!
The Department of Mines and Geology is operational since more than 110 years. The erstwhile Mysore Geological Department was established in the year 1894 with the objective of Geological and structural mapping of the then Mysore State. Many mineral based industries in the State of Karnataka have been established on the basis of the Geological investigations.
In recent years, apart from the mineral and groundwater investigation, it has become one of the revenue earning departments of the State. Ten years back revenue realization was about 55.00 Crores and to-day it has reached about 475.00 Crores. Hereby the State Government requires a managed solution to generate accurate, efficient and real-time MIS for the transparency in the revenue based on the Royalty of the Mining Industry. It also wishes to have technology driven solution to track the mineral movement and the associated royalties collected thereof.
 Functions and Objectives of DMG   
  • Search and exploration of mineral wealth of the State by adopting State-of-the-art exploration techniques.
  • Increase States' revenue through higher production of minerals & their scientific development.
  • Encourage value addition of minerals through promotion of mineral based industries in the State.
  • Provide infrastructures facilities viz road, electricity etc. to mines and quarries.

Different Wings of DMG

​ ​
1 Mineral Wing
The functions of the Mineral Wing are: 
a) Geological mapping 
b) Structure mapping 
c) Mineral resources estimation 
d) Determine quality/grade of mineral deposits 
Diamond drilling unit helps the Geologists in knowing the extension of mineral deposit at depth and also helps in collecting core samples from different depths below ground surface. Chemical laboratory at Director’s office and also chemical laboratories at Mysore, Chitradurga, Dharwar, Belgaum, Bellary and Gulbarga carry out analysis of mineral samples. In the metallurgical laboratory at Bangalore, ore beneficiation is being carried out. Applications for mining and prospecting licence are being processed at Director’s office and M.L and P.L are granted. Application for quarry leases for ornamental stonres (specified minor mineral) are processed at Director’s office and leases are granted/executed. At district level, quarry leases for building stones (non-specified minor mineral) are granted by the Geologist/Senior Geologists.
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​2 Ground Water Wing
The functions of the Groundwater Wing are:
a) Groundwater resources estimation
b) Groundwater level monitoring
c) Select sites for drilling bore well for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes.
Geophysical section conducts geophysical investigations through vertical depth probes and profiling. Geophysicists also conduct geophysical surveys to pin-point sites for drilling bore wells and to understand subsurface in homogeneties.
Hydrogeologists of the department are assisted by Drilling Section in drilling experimental bore wells and determining yield in the bore wells. Groundwater drilling section takes up cleaning of bore wells and retrieving pumps from bore wells, groundwater/surface water samples are analysed at Chemical laboratory at Director’s office and also in the divisional laboratories at Mysore, Chitradurga, Dharwar, Belgaum, Bellary and Gulbarga.
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