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Mining in Karnataka is one of the major industries of the state. The history of mining in Karnataka goes back to the ancient days. The gold found in the Harappan sites are believed to have been excavated from the mines of Karnataka. Karnataka still continues to be equally rich in its mineral wealth. Gold along with iron-ore are the main mineral wealths of Karnataka. Chitradurga, Bellary, Belgaum and Bagalkot are some of the districts in which mining in Karnataka have continued to be major industries.  
Iron ore lies at the very center of Karnataka's mining industry. Balidala, Donimalai and Panna are some of the leading iron-ore producing areas of Karnataka. Gold and diamond mines are chief attractions of Karnataka mining. The Hutii gold mines have supplied gold to the world from very ancient times. Now with many international companies taking a keen interest in mining at Karnataka, the future of mining in Karnataka looks extremely bright.
Various private companies look after the mining operations in Karnataka. They undertake mining operations at the major mining sites of Karnataka. They also look after the extraction, processing and distribution of these metals. They work under the direct supervision of the ministry of mining industry, who oversee all the works of the private companies.
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